Review Policy

What I review:

Mostly YA books, but I will occasionally review middle-grade or adult fiction.
My preferred genres are:
  • romance
  • paranormal
  • dystopian
  • fantasy
  • contemporary fiction
I accept ARCs, in paper or e-book format, and will try to read and review them in a timely manner.
I am not accepting self-published books at the moment.

What you can expect from a review:

I always include the cover, a summary (provided by Goodreads), the number of pages, the publishing date, the publishing house and the link to a retailer to buy the book. 

My reviews consist of my honest opinion about the book, how I felt about it in general, what I thought of the plot, characterizations and writing style, etc. I am not what you would call a professional, but I always try to be fair and give details about what I liked or did not like.

I usually review every book I read, and will post about two reviews a week. You can find them on my blog, on GoodReads and on Amazon.


I am not getting nor accepting any kind of monetary compensation for my reviews.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me at

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